31 Oct 2017

A Safe Place to Hide - LUU Open Theatre

  • Venue: Banham Theatre, Michael Sadler Building, University of Leeds
  • Doors:
  • Curfew:
  • Price(s): Concession £7.50, Full £9.50 - all prices include booking fee of £0.50 per ticket
  • Age: No age restriction

A Safe PLace to Hide

How well do you know those around you?

Monday morning. Silchester Publishing Ltd. Seven colleagues. Alex, Emma, Hugh, Julia, Kathy, Phil and Susie arrive at work as usual, but then, an alarm. When a gunman enters the building, the seven are forced to hide in their office. The situation brings out the best and the worst in them all and they are forced to think about how well they really know the people they see every day. Tensions run high and friendships are both forged and destroyed, but one thing they know is they need a safe place to hide.