26 Apr 2018

Neighbourhood Watch - LUU Theatre Group

  • Venue: Banham Theatre, Michael Sadler Building, University of Leeds
  • Doors:
  • Curfew:
  • Price(s): Concession £7.5, Full price £9.5 - all prices include booking fee of £0.50 per ticket
  • Age: No age restriction

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Neighbourhood Watch

Welcome to Bluebell Hill…

Bluebell Hill’s newest inhabitants, siblings, Martin and Hilda, can’t wait to become part of the community. Their hopes of a pleasant neighbourhood are soon threatened when Martin catches a young intruder in their garden. They quickly form a Neighbourhood Watch committee to protect the cul-de-sac after their beloved garden gnome, Monty, is thrown through their window. Having led the way in creating a virtually crime-free gated community, with its own security system and punitive medieval stocks, Martin becomes a national hero lauded by the Daily Mail. But, almost inevitably, this ideal world is threatened by a mix of sexual appetite, sibling jealousy and irrepressible violence.

Show start time: 7pm
Banham Theatre
Michael Sadler Building