Outlook/ Dimensions Name Change Service: Deadline Friday 17th August 5pm

Please be advised as per previous instructions you will need the following to enter Outlook or Dimensions Festivals this year:

1. EITHER a paper ticket which has been sent to you in the post OR an e-ticket which has been sent as a PDF with your confirmation email

2. PLUS photo ID (e.g. passport, ID card, driver’s licence).

The photo ID presented must belong to the bearer and match the name given with the Outlook or Dimensions Festival ticket order. This applies to paper tickets which do not have customer names printed on them (barcodes have been linked to the Leedstickets.com order number and associated names), as well as e-tickets which do have customer names printed on them.

Name changes came off sale at 5pm on the 17th august as advertised. We can not make additional changes to any orders now.